Quarter: Fall 2020

MST 20A Early Medieval Culture

Section A01 (CRN 53188)
Location: TBA
Time: TR 1:40-3:00; Discussion T 3:10-4
Instructor: Syed, Mairaj

Section A02 (CRN 53189)
Location: TBA
Time: TR 1:40-3:00; Discussion T 4:10-5
Instructor: Syed, Mairaj

Course Description: History and culture of the Roman and Byzantine empires from the third to the eighth century. Transformation of the classical Mediterranean world through political and cultural interactions, rise of Christianity and Islam, beginning of the medieval period in Europe.


Quarter: Spring 2021

MST 20B The Culture of the High Middle Ages

Section A01 (CRN 61967)
Location: TBA
Time: MWF 11:00-11:50; Discussion W 3:10-4
Instructor: Hutton, Shennan

Section A02 (CRN 61968)
Location: TBA
Time: MWF 11:00-11:50; Discussion W 4:10-5
Instructor: Hutton, Shennan

Course Description: Great transformations that created the modern world: Constitutional Government, the Hundred Years War, the Black Death, and the Peasants Revolts, the Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and the Baroque. GE credit: AH, WC, WE.


Electives offered during 2020-2021 academic year (courses on major planning form for the Major):

Fall 2020

COM 2, COM 139, ENL 10A, ENL 113B, ENL 115, ENL 117, GER 48, GER 120, HIS 4A, HIS 4B, HIS 102D, HIS 136, ITA 115A, LAT 100, LAT 121, RST 115, SPA 130, *SPA 142

Winter 2021

AHI 1B, COM 2, COM 139, *COM 180, ENL 10A, ENL 113A, ENL 117, *ENL 165, ENL 185A, FRE 115, GER 101A, HIS 102D, HIS 132, ITA 113, LAT 105, MUS 124A, PHI 21, PHI 22, PHI 105, RST 115, SPA 134A

Spring 2021

AHI 1C, AHI 190C, COM 2, *COM 180, ENL 111, ENL 122, *ENL 189, *FRE 141, GER 112, HIS 4B, HIS 125, HIS 130B, HIS 190C, ITA 105, LAT 119, LAT 120, *MUS 121, MUS 124B, POL 116, POL 118A, RST 115, *RST 130, SPA 133N, SPA 134B