Electives offered during 2021-2022 academic year (courses on major planning form for the Major):

Fall 2021

COM 166A, ENL 111, ENL 113A, ENL 115, ENL 117, ENL 185A, GER 101A, GER 120, HIS 190C, ITA 114, LAT 100, LAT 110, MUS 121*,  PHI 105, PHI 170, POL 118A, RST 115, SPA 130, SPA 142*

Winter 2022

COM 180*, ENL113A, ENL 122, ENL 150A, FRE 115, GER 112*, HIS 102D, HIS 125, HIS 131B, HIS 136, ITA 115D, LAT 108, LAT 130, RST 130*, SPA 134B, SPA 142*

Spring 2022


Quarter: Fall 2021

RST 139 Many Yogas: Yoga in Text, Image, Practice

Section A01 (CRN 52945)
Location: TBA
Time: TR 4:40-6:00pm 
Instructor: Dhanani, Lynna

Course Description: This class examines the many texts, beliefs, images, and practices associated with the single term yoga, in contexts “religious” and “secular,” past and present. The all-pervasive images of yogis in fixed posture or deep contemplation permeate South Asian art and the modern imaginaire. Throughout the more than 2,000 years of past yogic practice, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, atheists, and other communities have all adapted yoga to their belief systems. Throughout the quarter, we will trace the expansion and transformation of yoga through its interactions with Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and
Islamic traditions specifically. We will examine orientalist representations of yoga, as well as the influence of colonialism and modern physical cultures on the evolution of modern yoga. The course concludes by looking at modern debates around questions such as “Is Yoga a religion?” and “Is Yoga Hindu?”.

Quarter: Winter 2022

MST 20A Early Medieval Culture

Section A01 (CRN 44682)
Location: TBA
Time: TR 12:10-1:30; Discussion T 3:10-4
Instructor: Syed, Mairaj

Section A02 (CRN 44683)
Location: TBA
Time: TR 12:10-1:30; Discussion T 4:10-5
Instructor: Syed, Mairaj

Course Description: History and culture of the Roman and Byzantine empires from the third to the eighth century. Transformation of the classical Mediterranean world through political and cultural interactions, rise of Christianity and Islam, beginning of the medieval period in Europe.