Summer Session 2023

Summer Session I

ENL 052 Pop Culture Shakespeare*

Section 001 (CRN: 51360)
Location: Lecture/ Discussion Wellman Hall 127
Time: T,R 2:10-4:40
Instructor: Kirsten Schuhmacher

ENL 111 Topics in Medieval Literature

Section 001 (CRN: 51366)
Location: Lecture Brainer Hall 1130
Time: M,T,W 12:10-1:50
Instructor: Matthew Vernon

Summer Session II

ENL 117 Shakespeare

Section 001 (CRN: 71404)
Location: Lecture/Discussion Brainer Hall 1130
Time: M,T,W 12:10-1:50
Instructor: Jessica Hanselman Gray

HIS 010B World History, c. 1350-1850*

Section 001 (CRN: 71895)
Location: Lecture Wellman Hall 212; Discussion Wellman Hall 212
Time: M,T,W 10:00-11:40; R 10:00-11:40
Instructor: A. Katie Harris

POL 116 Foundations of Political Thought

Section 001 (CRN: 73093)
Location: Lecture/Discussion Olson Hall 217; Term Paper/Discussion Olson Hall 217
Time: M,T,W,R 12:10-1:25; M,T,W,R 1:26-1:50
Instructor: Raymond Brandt

*This course can only be taken with permission from the MEMS Director. Please fill out the MEMS Request for Course Credit to be Counted for the Major or Minor.pdf