Fall Quarter 2024

AHI 155 The Islamic City

Section 001 (CRN: 20674)
Location: Lecture Wellman Hall 202
Time: M,W 10:30-11:50
Instructor: Watenpaugh, Heghnar

AHI 176A Art of the Middle Ages: Early Christian and Byzantine Art*

Section 001 (CRN: 52524)
Location: Lecture Art 217
Time: M,W 2:10-3:30
Instructor: Riordan, Lindsay

COM 002 Major Works of the Medieval & Early Modern World

Section 001 (CRN: 26356)
Location: Lecture/ Discussion Hart Hall 1120
Time: M,W 2:10-4:00
Instructor: Staff

COM 002 Major Works of the Medieval & Early Modern World

Section 001 (CRN: 26357)
Location: Lecture/ Discussion Brainer Hall 1060
Time: M,W 10:00-11:50
Instructor: Staff

ENL 010A Literatures in English I: To 1700
Location: Lecture 194 Young
Time: M,W,F 11:00-11:50
Instructor: Werth, Tiffany Jo

  • Section A01 (CRN: 30811); W 7:10-8:00 PM- Wellman 129
  • Section A02 (CRN: 30812); W 8:10-9:00 AM- Wellman 129
  • Section A03 (CRN: 30813); F 9:00-9:50- Bainer 1060
  • Section A04 (CRN: 30814); F 10:00-10:50- Bainer 1060

ENL 111 Topics in Medieval Literature
Location: Lecture Olson 115
Time: M, W, F 11:00-11:50
Instructor: Vernon, Matthew

  • Section A01 (CRN: 30938); W 6:10-7:00- Olson 154
  • Section A02 (CRN: 30939); W 7:10-8:00- Olson 154
  • Section A03 (CRN: 30940); F 12:10-1:00- Olson Hall 244
  • Section A04 (CRN: 30941); F 1:10-2:00- Olson 244

ENL 117 Shakespeare
Location: TBD
Time: TBD
Instructor: Dolan, Frances

  • Section A01 (CRN: 30942); TBD
  • Section A02 (CRN: 30943); TBD
  • Section A03 (CRN: 30944); TBD
  • Section A04 (CRN: 40945); TBD

ENL 123A 18th Century British Literature*
Location: Lecture Brainer 1130
Time: T, R 12:10-1:30
Instructor: Nicolazzo, Sal

  • Section A01 (CRN: 49772); W 6:10-7:00- Robbins 146
  • Section A02 (CRN: 49773); W 7:10-8:00- Robbins 146

ENL 189 Narrating Energy Futures of the Past in Renaissance Literature *
Section 001 (CRN: 49730)
Location: Lecture SSH 80
Time: M,W 2:10-3:30
Instructor: Werth, Tiffany Jo
Humanities researchers are only recently beginning to appreciate the colossal importance of energy regimes in the long history of modernity. ‘Petrocultures’, ‘fossil capital’, ‘carbon democracy,’ and ‘solarities’ are just a few of the buzzwords coined of late to describe the complex assemblages forged by the exploitation of energy resources. Nonetheless, research in the energy humanities remains focused somewhat myopically on the past seventy-five years, and often appeals to reductive notions of an Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth century as the terminus a quo for any investigation into the topic. But the fact remains that humans have excelled at extracting energy from the earth long before the formation of Standard Oil or Watts’ invention of the steam engine. Harnessing the power of ocean currents and winds, to take one example, allowed for the initial voyages that brought Europeans such as Sir Francis Drake to the shores of California, or what he called Nova Albion. The England of Shakespeare and Milton likewise grappled with energy scarcity, as a dearth of timber resulted in the spread of extractive colonialism and the embrace of coal as, ironically, an alternative fuel.

This seminar asks participants to examine and theorize representations (or misrepresentations) of energy use and energy crisis, and to assess the role of literary texts in narrating what we are calling “energy transitions.” How were past energy transitions facilitated or resisted and by whom? How are the planet’s energy resources configured as plentiful and inexhaustible in some texts while others emphasize economies of scarcity and the need for renewability? Finally, do different genres imagine or portray energy differently? This seminar will promote conversations to better gauge the long-term impacts of different energy regimes, revealing the ways in which they drive new forms of cultural expression and political organization, while all too often exacerbating inequalities across lines of race and gender.  

Readings will include canonical authors from the European Renaissance including Bocaccio, Margaret Cavendish, Thomas More, Milton, and Shakespeare paired with contemporary scholars and theorists in the fields of ecocriticism, the Energy Humanities, and history of science. 

This seminar takes inspiration and borrows language from an international research collaborative, co-led by myself and Todd Borlik (University of Huddersfield, UK), funded by the UCLA Clark Library and the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the UK on “Energy Transitions in Long Modernity” (ETLM) and may involve opportunities to engage in online seminars, talks, and discussions. 

FRE 103 Fairy Tales in French*
Section 001 (CRN: 49489)
Location: Lecture Olson Hall 141
Time: T,R 10:30-11:50
Instructor: Goldstein, Claire
Description: This quarter we are going to read fairy tales as you never imagined them. Centuries before Disney, the fairy tale genre was invented by a community of mostly women writers, whose stories challenge preconceptions about gender norms and power. In their stories, we will discover monsters and enchantments, cross-dressed lovers, and brave heroines who rescue princes. The quarter will include tales from French-speaking traditions across the globe and modern rewritings and film adaptations. Prerequisite: FRE 100 or permission of instructor.

GER 101A Survey of German Literature, 800-1800
Section 001 (CRN: 34201)
Location: Lecture/ Discussion Brainer Hall 1128
Time: T,R 1:40-3:00
Instructor: Harjes, Kirsten

HIS 002Y Introduction to the History of Science and Technology*
Location: Lecture Cruess 1002
Time: M,W 11:00-11:50
Instructor: Stolzenberg, Daniel 

  • Section A01 (CRN: 34864); M 12:10-1:00- Olson hall 144
  • Section A02 (CRN: 34865); M 1:10-2:00- Olson Hall 144
  • Section A03 (CRN: 34866); M 9:00-9:50- Olson Hall 117
  • Section A04 (CRN: 34867); T 9:00-9:50- Hart Hall 1106
  • Section A05 (CRN: 34868); T 10:00-10:50- Hart Hall 1106
  • Section A06 (CRN: 34869); T 11:00-11:50- Hart Hal 1106
  • Section A07 (CRN: 34870); T 12:10-1:00- Olson Hall 117
  • Section A08 (CRN: 34871); T 1:10-3:00- Hart Hall 1106
  • Section A09 (CRN: 34872); T 2:10-3:00- Hart Hall 1106
  • Section A010 (CRN: 34873); R 12:10-1:00- Olson Hall 151
  • Section A011 (CRN: 34874); R 1:10-2:00- Hart Hall 1106
  • Section A012 (CRN: 34875); R 2:10-3:00- Hart Hall 1106


HIS 007A History of Latin America to 1700*
Location: Lecture Wellman Hall 226
Time: T,R 12:10-1:30
Instructor: Reséndez, Andrés

  • Section A01 (CRN: 34876); M 11:00-11:50- TLC 3210
  • Section A02 (CRN: 34877); M 1:10-2:00- TLC 3210
  • Section A03 (CRN: 34878); M 2:10-3:00- TLC 3210
  • Section A04 (CRN: 34879); F 12:10-1:00- TLC 3212
  • Section A05 (CRN: 34880); F 1:10-2:00- TLC 3210
  • Section A06 (CRN: 34881); F 2:10-3:00- TLC 3210

HIS 010B World History, C. 1350-1850*
Location: Lecture Young Hall 194
Time: M,W,F 4:10-5:00
Instructor: Harris, A. Katie

  • Section A01 (CRN: 34900); M 12:10-1:00- Hart Hall 1106
  • Section A02 (CRN: 34901); M 1:10-2:00- Olson Hall 109
  • Section A03 (CRN: 34902); M 2:10-3:00- Olson Hall 151
  • Section A04 (CRN: 34903); F 12:10-1:00- Olson Hall 109
  • Section A05 (CRN: 34904); F 1:10-2:00- Olson Hall 109
  • Section A06 (CRN: 34905); F 2:10-3:00- Olson Hall 109

HIS 102D Undergraduate Proseminar in History: Modern Europe to 1815
Section 001 (CRN: 34978)
Location: Seminar Social Science & Humanities 4202
Time: T 12:10-3:00
Instructor: Harris, A. Katie

HIS 190D Middle Eastern History IV: Safavids Iran, 1300-1720*
Section 001 (CRN: 49760)
Location: Hart Hall 1130
Time: T,R 3:10-4:30
Instructor: Anooshahr, Ali

ITA 105 Introduction to Italian Literature
Section 001 (CRN: 50235)
Location: Lecture/ Discussion Wellman Hall 101
Time: T,R 3:10-4:30
Instructor: Delmolino, Grace

ITA 113 Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia (Inferno, Purgatario, Paradiso)
Section 001 (CRN: 49594)
Location: Lecture/ Discussion Wellman Hall 109
Time: T,R 12:10-1:30
Instructor: Delmolino, Grace
WELCOME TO HELL. Explore the medieval Christian afterlife in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy: hell (Inferno), purgatory (Purgatorio) and heaven (Paradiso). Written in 14th-century Italy, Dante’s poem asks: What happens after we die? How can some people deserve eternal punishment and others get redemption? Our course will study this literary masterpiece with a focus on the medieval diversity of law, politics, religion, history, and ethics. Taught in English- OPEN TO ALL!

JPN 101 Japanese Literature in Translation: The Early Period*
Section 001 (CRN: 36100)
Location: Lecture: Wellman 212. Discussion: Wellman 212
Time: Lecture: T,R 4:10-4:30. Discussion: T,R 5:40-6:00
Instructor: Gundry, David

LAT 100 Readings in Latin Prose
Section 001 (CRN: 36182)
Location: Lecture/Discussion Wellman Hall 105
Time: M,T,W,R 3:10-4:00
Instructor: Seal, Carey

LAT 110 Ovid
Section 001 (CRN: 50045)
Location: Lecture/Discussion Wellman Hall 103
Time: T,R 1:40-3:00
Instructor: Cruz, Kathleen
"My spirit moves me to tell of forms changed into new bodies." So begins Ovid's Metamorphoses, a sprawling poem of the 1st century CE that takes transformation as its central theme. In this course, we'll read selections from Ovid's poem and encounter along the way some of the most influential tellings of the many Greco-Roman myths that remain well known to this day. In doing so, we'll explore how many different wonderful and terrible shapes the act of metamorphosis itself might take as we learn how humans may shift into plants, animals, gods, and all that lies in between.

MSA 181B Sufism in South Asia*
Section 001 (CRN: 50354)
Location: Lecture/Discussion Brainer 1130
Time: M,W 4:40-6:00
Instructor: Brizendine, Ryan 

MST 020A Early Medieval Culture 
Section 001 (CRN: 50211)
Location: Lecture/Discussion TLC 3213
Time: T,R 12:10-1:30
Instructor: Arnett, Carlee 

PHI 105 Philosophy of Religion
Location: Lecture Olson 158
Time: T,R 1:40-3:00
Instructor: Gilmore, Cody

  • Section A01 (CRN: 43012); M 6:10-7:00- Olson 167
  • Section A02 (CRN 43013); M 7:10-8:00- Olson 167

PHI 170 Spinoza & Leibniz
Section 001 (CRN: 43023)
Location: Lecture/Discussion TLC 3213
Time: T,R 3:10-4:30
Instructor: Naranjo Sandoval, Alejandro

POL 118A History of Political Theory: Ancient
Section 001 (CRN: 45691)
Location: Lecture Cruess Hall 1150; Discussion TBA
Time: Lecture T,R 4:10-5:30; Discussion TBA
Instructor: Satkunanandan, Shalini

RST 60 Introduction to Islam*
Location: Lecture Olson 147
Time: M,W,F 12:10-1:00
Instructor: Brizendine, Ryan 

  • Section A01 (CRN: 49619); T 5:10-6:00- Robbins 146
  • Section A02 (CRN: 49620); T 6:10-7:00- Robbins 146

SPA 130 Survey of Spanish Literature to 1700
Section 001 (CRN: 47636)
Location: Lecture Hoagland Hall 168
Time: T, R 10:30-11:50 AM
Instructor: Gutiérrez Flores, Daniela

SPA 133N Golden Age Literature of Spain*
Section 001 (CRN: Consent of instructor required. Contact department for the Course Registration Number (CRN))
Location: Lecture Wellman Hall 251
Time: M, W, F 12:1030-1:00 
Instructor: Oriel, Charles

*This course can only be taken with permission from the MEMS Director. Please fill out the MEMS Request for Course Credit to be Counted for the Major or Minor.pdf