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Study Abroad


International experience is becoming more and more critical for all fields of study, and Medieval & Early Modern Studies is no exception. As the world gets more and more globalized, the ability to tackle societal and academic problems cross-culturally will continue to become increasingly important. Studying abroad is a particularly good fit for students in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, who bring knowledge of historical and cultural traditions in a range of different countries and can deepen their understanding of both present and past by seeing architectural, artistic, and literary works of earlier periods in their contemporary context.

Studying Abroad as a student in the College of Letters and Science is both possible and encouraged. Many different opportunities exist—from short, 2-week seminars in Europe to full, year-long immersion opportunities to foreign universities all over the globe. The key is to start early and plan ahead! Financial Aid goes with you and your MST advisors (along with advisors at Study Abroad) are here to help you make it happen.

UC Davis Study Abroad maintains a page of recommended programs for students in Medieval & Early Modern Studies.

Study Abroad in Medieval & Early Modern Studies