The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium


UC Davis is a member of the Center for Renaissance Studies (CRS) Consortium at the Newberry Library in Chicago. The CRS promotes the use of the Newberry collection by scholars in the fields of medieval, Renaissance, and early modern studies (c. 1100 - c.1800), making available programs that may or may not be feasible for individual institutions to mount alone.

The CRS collaborates with the Folger Institute in Washington, DC, which also works with a consortium of universities.

For more information, check out the following resources or email our campus's Consortium Representative, Professor Tiffany Jo Werth.


As part of the Newberry Library's CRS consortium, graduate students and faculty are able to receive support in the following ways:

  1. Guaranteed inclusion of one graduate student presenter in the annual Multidisciplinary Graduate Conference

    (additional students may be selected to participate on a competitive basis, as space permits)

  2. Admission on a competitive basis to all other programs that have limited enrollment:
    • Dissertation seminars
    • Research methods workshops for early career faculty and graduate students
    • Ten-week graduate seminars
    • Work-in-progress colloquia, reading groups, publication and professional development workshops, etc.
    • Professional Development seminars
  3. Opportunity for faculty to propose programs to be held at the Newberry (e.g., ten-week graduate seminars, one-day research methods workshops, symposia, etc.)
  4. Opportunity to compete for two Consortium-only short-term fellowships at the Newberry, including:
    • One fellowship for an ABD graduate student
    • One fellowship for a faculty member, with preference given to non-tenured faculty
  5. Opportunity to compete for the École Nationale des Chartes exchange fellowship
  6. Folger Institute seminar fees waived upon acceptance of application (in accord with Folger policy and reciprocity agreement)
  7. Travel Benefit Fund: A designated institutional travel fund, which may be used for travel to attend programs or conduct research at the Newberry Library or the Folger Shakespeare Library.


Funding for Newberry and Folger travel is allocated by UC Davis on a rolling basis, and you do not have to have been admitted yet to your selected program in order to apply for funds. So as soon as you know you plan to apply for a program, you can submit your application for funding. The priority deadline for applications is November 1 of the academic year when the program is being held.