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Fall 2020

Pandemic in Premodernity: A Panel Discussion

In the aftermath of Covid-19, media, scholars, and leaders have used terms such as “unprecedented” to describe the events unfolding in 2020. However, epidemics are not a new phenomenon, and humans have grappled with contagious disease for millennia. How did premodern societies manage disease, and what might we learn from their experiences? Join the UC Davis Medieval and Early Modern Studies program for a panel discussion that will bring together Suman Seth (Cornell University), Nükhet Varlik (University of South Carolina/Rutgers University, Newark), and Susan Burns (University of Chicago) experts on epidemics in premodern Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East as they discuss how contagious diseases have been managed around the world.

This event was co-sponsored by the College of Letters and Sciences, the Departments of History and Religious Studies, East Asian Studies Program (EAS) and the Middle East/South Asia Studies Program (ME/SA). 
To view the recording from this event, please click here