Ali and Lila Paydarfar Lecturship: Silk in Ottoman Safavid Trade, Warfare, and Urban Life in the Early Modern Period

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Fariba Zarinebaf, professor of History at University of California, Riverside, specializes in the urban, social, legal, gender and economic history of the Middle East and the Mediterranean world with an emphasis on Iran, the Ottoman Empire and France in the early modern era. She also studies imperial borderlands in the early modern period. She has published two books with the University of California Press on Mediterranean Encounters: Trade and Pluralism in Early Modern Galata; Crime and Punishment Istanbul in the 18th century.

Her most recent book project is entitled, The Last of the Silk Caravans: Cross-Cultural Trade, Warfare, and Urban Encounters on Ottoman- Safavid Borderland.

Zarinebaf was awarded Faculty Mentor of Year by the University Honors in 2020.


Silk Talk Poster