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Land and Water, Law and Legacy Event Poster

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Land & Water, Law & Legacy


Conversations around our relationships to land and water are beginning to center Indigenous epistemologies and priorities, as we start to acknowledge the impact of colonial legacies on our ecologies and communities. The medieval and early modern periods are deeply implicated in the structures that inform our current systems. Decentering the Middle Ages from Europe and exploring how the period and its influence have informed our conception of the Pacific region—its environment and the Indigenous communities that inhabit it and were present in the period—provide new perspectives on the relevance and impact of the medieval.   


Zrinka Stahuljak (UCLA)
Tarren Andrews (Yale)
Emma Hitchcock (Columbia)
Robert Rouse (University of British Columbia)  

Suggested reading:   

Mihnea Tănăsescu, “Rights of Nature, Legal Personality, and Indigenous Philosophies.” Transnational Environmental Law, 9 (3), 429-453.

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Land and Water, Law and Legacy Event Poster